Our Connection Approaches

Communication Audit

  • An overview of one organization’s communication performance
  • Assessment of current communication programs and available channels
  • Examination over public’s perception against organization’s statements/claims
  • Investigation towards organizational chart, resources, functions and management pertinent to communication
  • Description of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to communication
  • Measurement of potential risks
  • Report development and recommendations
  • Stakeholders Engagement and Community Partnership

    • Organization’s stakeholders mapping through insights gathering, literature review, desktop research, personal interview and/or focus group discussion to understand one’s standpoint, preference, lenience, support and priority pertinent to organization’s agenda
    • Stakeholders approach and engagement/management in short-medium-long term partnership (government agency, business association, professional association, organization/institution, individual prominent person (expert, celebrity, sportsman, informal leader) and community
    • Coalition building and program design
    • Program implementations

    Internal Organization Communications

    • Assessment of current communication programs and available channels
    • Investigation towards organizational chart, resources, functions and management pertinent to communication
    • Understanding of organization’s priorities to its internal audience
    • Strategy development
    • Program implementations

    Media Strategy and Relations

    • Media conference in various scale
    • Media roundtable session
    • Group interview
    • One-on-one media interview
    • Exclusive interview
    • Media junket / familiarization trip
    • On-site media invitation in various scale
    • Visit to media house
    • Media partnership
    • Media center management

    Story Telling Design

    • News release development and dissemination
    • Advertising development
    • Story pitch
    • Communication collaterals development
    • Opinion editorial
    • Social media channels timeline plan and stories development
    • Exciting activation program through social media
    • Spokesperson briefing document, narrative development

    Multiple Media Use

    • Planning and program development; mixture of below the line, above the line, traditional media (print, online and broadcast), new media (digital social media), owned channels, paid channels and earned channels.

    Issues Management

    • Identification of issues and root causes
    • Formation of crisis management team
    • Spokesperson preparation
    • Development of communication protocol
    • Preparation of special communication channels
    • Establishment of crisis centre
    • Stakeholders outreach (internally and externally)
    • Media relations
    • Review, monitoring and evaluation
    • Recovery plan, reputation building

    Spokespersons Training

    • Training module development
    • Simulation sample / case study development
    • Engagement of guest speakers
    • Half or full day training
    • Alignment with 3rd party for session management

    Thoughtleadership Programs

    • Public speaking opportunities
    • Public appearance
    • Opinion editorial writing
    • Event hosting
    • Pilot project management
    • Joint-research

    Public Events

    • Creative concept development
    • Messaging development
    • Alignment with 3rd party for event management
    • Event implementation
    • Report development

    Media Monitoring and Social Conversation Listening

    • Daily monitoring upon the agreed name, type and number of media
    • Regular report upon the agreed terms and format
    • Presentation of insights, trend, analysis and recommendations

    Measurement of Success

    • Research design; methodology, sample of respondents, data analysis, implementation plan
    • Presentation of quantitative and qualitative measurement
    • Evaluation against key performance indicator/achievement of goals and/or return of investment
    • Analysis and recommendations