The Seasoned Consultants

Putri Ayutya Prajwalitha

Ayutya obtained bachelor’s degree of communication from AtmaJaya Yogyakarta University majoring Public Relations. During her study she worked as a public relations intern at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Republic Indonesia, of which she was responsible of handling communication activities of the ministry, such as press release development, media event management, media monitoring and analysis. Her experience in working as the government public relations was made thesis as the final project.

Her interest and enthusiasm in communication field was shown as she was involved in various projects, including building awareness of Badan KependudukanKeluargaBerencanaNasional(BKKBN) Yogyakarta employees on regulation and policy, and managing annual event of PT NutrifoodYogyakarta.

Since she joined ID COMM in 2018, Ayutya has continued to develop her skills of communication, media relations, and public relations.  As an Associate, she supports corporate communication team by maintaining clients of various sector, namely Endless Indonesia (IT), Faculty of Medicine at University Indonesia (health), and AXA Financial Indonesia (finance).