The Seasoned Consultants

Asti Putri
Co-Founder and Director

Asti Putri has previous experiences working with several local PR agencies which bring her a vast network and knowledge about public relations in Indonesia. Running her own company has always been her dream where she established her position as one of ID COMM founders.

Asti’s first exposure to the public relations industry was in healthcare sector but throughout her career she expands her horizon to wider public affairs type of programs. She was involved in numbers of interesting project including rebuilding a clinic for post-trauma disorder patients in the leading public hospital in Jakarta, where she developed a number of public initiatives between the hospital medical team and pharmaceutical companies. Other notable experience was when she led public awareness campaign on schizophrenia, worked for the Australia-Indonesia partnership to strengthening national animal health system, developing the communications blue print for couple of National Team for Poverty Alleviation’s initiatives, took strategic part in the running of Asia-Pacific Development Summit, APEC Business Advisory Counsel (ABAC) Meetings and Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC), and effectively managed some projects under the Office of President’s Special Envoy on Millennium Development Goals. 

Asti is also experienced in managing high-profile corporate clients such as ExxonMobil, Pfizer Indonesia, ConocoPhillips, Audi and Kraft Foods Indonesia/Mondelez International Indonesia. Asti obtained her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from The University of Indonesia. In 2008, she obtained her master’s degree, majoring in corporate communication from London School of Public Relations.