Asosiasi Asuransi Jiwa Indonesia (Indonesian Life Insurance Association/AAJI)

“Insuring the Future”

The Challenge

Perhaps for most Indonesian, insurance companies remain a peculiar service provision sector. Statistics dictate this assertion, with only 11% out the 18% of Indonesian aware on the need of insurance, actually have an insurance account. Even more alarming, only 5% are life insurance subscriptions. Besides the OJK (Financial Services Authority/FSA) deeming this as a high market potential, people’s lack of interest to hedge their financial and health security against possible mishaps in the future is an indication of information transmissions that are below par. This is the role that AAJI needs to take. Previously, communication strategies conducted by AAJI was through more conventional methods and did not include necessary capacity building components for relevant stakeholders. Streams of communication was also not optimized to provide updated information or insights from the industry or regulators to AAJI’s members.

Our Approach

ID COMM worked with AAJI to ensure professional communications strategy, which helped revitalize the way the association engages with media. This eventually became a capacity building process for both AAJI’s communications team and the media that covers the association. Additionally, one of the more important expected assistance that AAJI presented us with was to increase public awareness on the importance of insurance, as well as help increase its organizational visibility as the leading association in the industry. ID COMM helped ensure that information from AAJI was easily accessible to the public and that various angles of stories regarding the industry mas readily available to the target audience; AAJI’s members, agents, government & regulators, media, and the general public. Development of branding identity system, conducting series of press events, development of communications assets, hosting article writing competition, and delivering editorial pieces are among the strategies that ID COMM implements in our work with AAJI, along with engaging the media through training and news monitoring. These were all important key modalities to ensure that AAJI’s communications strategy was hitting the ground running.

The Result

For its members, AAJI have now grown to become an essential hub for its members by providing daily news feeds as well as an online newsletter to recap information happening in the industry. Within our 1 year work with AAJI, around 51 newsletters were produced to disseminate relevant information to its members concerning AAJI, macro-economy, and regulatory updates related to the industry. This feature was unprecedented in the association. Additionally, AAJI also intensified media engagement by interacting with approximately 131 journalists from 91 media titles, especially from economics and insurance desks, through various events (media gathering, workshops, press conferences, article writing competitions, etc.). During our engagement, ID COMM also helped ensure news coverage was significant; with 229 articles published news on AAJI, mostly from top-tier media outlets. These are the exciting contribution we engaged with in the attempt to raise awareness and interest of the public towards insurance and hedge against future risks.