Scooter Prix

“Let the Good Times Roll”

The Challenge

After the success of the commencement of series 1 in May 2014, Scooter Prix, a community-based scooter racing, will conduct the second and third round of the competition in 18-19 October 2014 at Sentul International Karting and Motorcycle Circuit. This project was interesting for ID COMM, as event was envisioned to be a catalyst towards a platform that can unite the brotherhood of scooter owners that was solid to begin with, but never garnered real attention and appreciation. This was the challenge that was shared by the community and by the event. 

Our Approach

The work with Scooter Prix by any means was not an easy undertaking. The heart of ID COMM’s task is to introduce and spread the news of this newly conceived concept of motor racing event. We acted as official promotion and publication team as well as media/information center simultaneously. Through ID COMM support, Scooter Prix expected to generate appeal to as many scooter pilots, scooter lovers, automotive enthusiasts, media, and people in general as possible. 

We commenced our assistance in September by implementing several media relation and developed outreach strategies such as media conference, story pitch, media partnership, and interview opportunities. While on the D-day, ID COMM performed the duties as the information center which includes on-site media briefings, news update/regular press release, photo dissemination, interview opportunities, and responding to media inquiries. ID COMM continued to support during post-event in terms of report development.

The Result

The approaches that we strive for Scooter Prix has attracted 307 scooter pilots to compete and hundreds of audiences to join the event. There were 7 media partners that agreed to collaborate. Scooter Prix 2014 series 2 and 3 evidently gained 53 coverage from online and tabloids. All of them reached more than 100 million audiences. But foremost, through ID COMM good work, people entice the good message that this racing event aiming for; that Scooter Prix can be a platform for young racer to perform their skill, opportunity to build local racer capacity and socialization of the international standard race. The spirit of the event was an interesting one for us, as it endorsed widely to participants and members to use local gears, tools, and equipment. This was a critically appealing feature as the motoring culture in Indonesia needed to ensure inclusiveness of local auxiliary industry even more which would result in better quality products that complement their love for the scooters.