Sekolah CIKAL (CIKAL School)

“Investing in the Minds of Tomorrow”

The Challenge

Capacity building, by nature, is now considered an equivalent to school improvement. A term that in short implies the level of practices where school formulate and sustain the improvement process. As a part of this endeavor, Sekolah Cikal (Cikal School) presumed the urge to develop the capacity of Member Relations Officer (MRO) and Admission Management and Relations (AMR). Since these two units hold essential roles, Sekolah Cikal proposed for the immediate training for its members.

Our Approach

ID COMM was appointed to accommodate a half day public training equipped with basic knowledge in regards to public relations and its importance is not limited to the MRO and AMR teams only but also the Head of Marketing Department and board of key management; i.e. the school’s owner and advisors.

The approach that we designed resulted in a complete deck of training and presentations encompassing the grasp of PR; definition, importance, its position within the marketing system, do’s and don’ts, functions, objectives, different faces of PR, the need to be aware of the audience groups in Sekolah Cikal, PR elements, current communication assets owned by Sekolah Cikal, potential PR approaches, key principles of PR and communication approaches, possible tools and initiatives, different PR measurements and key performance indicators and basis in crisis handling.

The training sessions involved both theory and practice matter which comprised of case studies, working groups, group presentations, evaluations, discussions, question and answer run.

The Result

ID COMM managed to organize a fruitful session with total participants of 50 people from MRO and AMR teams, the Head of Marketing Department together with the owner and advisors of Sekolah Cikal Jakarta and Surabaya. The training went on successfully and drove interaction and ideas amongst the participants during case study stimulations. Working with Sekolah CIKAL in this project was an enlightening experience for us at ID COMM as it enabled us to share the wonders of being able to effectively transmit and communicate ideas with the participants.