GE Healthcare

“Bolstering Links in the Healthcare Service Chain” GE Healthcare “Innovation That Cares” Campaign

The Challenge

In any country in the world, healthcare is a primary facility that needs to be urgently ensured by the government in terms of both access and quality. Healthcare is so important that in many human index measurements, it is one of the three major prongs of human beings; the others being welfare and education. This is why it was important to ensure that throughout the entire supply chain of providing healthcare services, the facilities need to be optimized. Class C and D hospitals is of the utmost important link in the chain, as it is the middleman of referrals between Puskesmas and Class B and A hospitals. Their capacity needs to be ensured in order to guarantee that the referral traffic within the service chain is as optimal as it can be. In order to assist the process, GE Healthcare Indonesia developed a public campaign titled “Innovation That Cares” which focuses in capacity building for Class C and D hospitals. ID COMM was asked to assist in in the context of public screening and media relations.

Our Approach

To make sure the campaign had the right traction, ID COMM needed to engage with management of healthcare providers, practitioners, the public especially those commonly accessing Class C and D hospitals, healthcare professionals’ associations, the government, and ARSADA – the Indonesian hospital organization. This was a campaign which is why stakeholder engagement is at the spearhead of our efforts. In order to reach the targeted stakeholders, we helped GE Healthcare in developing master communication protocol documents, we approached Key Opinion Leaders to help drive the way people see the campaign, and we helped forge partnerships with the media including devising a plan to interact with the media. Additionally, we also conducted a public survey in order to gain a certain level of perception audit in order to benchmark the success rate of the campaigns outreach to the public. We made sure that all the information we gathered and prepared at ID COMM was used strategically spread over the various press briefings and conferences that we helped GE Healthcare host as part of the media engagement.

The Result

In a relatively short time, ID COMM managed to position the campaign in 23 news articles covering the key messages that GE Healthcare wanted to convey, both in print and online media. We are pleasured to report that all the news covering the campaign expressed positive and supportive tones towards the cause. The PR value successfully reached twelve times from the investment, and created an impression to almost 9 million audiences.

We felt that this campaign and support from GE Healthcare to the service chain in Indonesia is very critical, which was why ID COMM felt very honored being able to participate in the efforts to ensure that the entire healthcare link, especially the facilities positioned right in the middle of the traffic can operate effectively, because lives are on the line.