Johnson & Johnson Indonesia World Mental Health Day 2016

“Allowing People with Mental Illnesses to Step into the Light”

The Challenge

There are still attitudes within most societies that symptoms of psychopathological disorders are viewed as threatening and dangerous, and even worse; leading to discrimination and other forms of alienation. This is why some people with mental illnesses resisted to seek for help so they remained undiagnosed or untreated, hoping to forever live in the shadows instead of being burnt when they step into the light. The stigma and discrimination that are attached to people with mental health issues clearly can bring negative impacts to all aspects of their lives including at workplace and in the communities. Global Burden of Disease studies have consistently put mental health as one of the leading causes of disability globally, in fact there is one death by suicide every 40 seconds. It became a challenge for Johnson and Johnson Indonesia to embark on campaign to increase awareness towards the issues, as people’s lives are constantly put in danger not only due to the condition people with mental illnesses are in, but also due to the constant discrimination they are subjected to. ID COMM is asked to spearhead the efforts to ensure that the message to rectify the situation is transmitted effectively.

Our Approach

Thriving to achieve greater outreach of awareness, Johnson and Johnson Indonesia with the assistance from ID COMM envisaged that mental health disease is indeed possible to prevent. This started from ensuring patients’ family are supportive and active participation in promoting the awareness of given issues exist. Beside families of mental health patients, it is also important to engage more stakeholders to partake on the campaign, such as Ministry of Health, Dinkes Jakarta, BNN, Related Medical Professional Association (PDSKJI and ARSAWAKOI) and relevant community (KPSI). This will further ensure that there are inclusion from both ends of the spectrum; the people suffering from it, and relevant institution and organizations dedicated to assist the issue.

The establishment of partnership with the aforementioned officials was not the only ones that ID COMM performed, as we were also in charge in organizing the Press Conference of Mental Health Day 2016 and support the media handling for Walk the Talk concurrently. This was to ensure that no misconceptions are reflected in the way the media covers the event and thus the message to the issue in its entirety.

The Result

The approaches initiated by ID COMM has brought fair number of exposure to Mental Health Day Press Conference and Walk the Talk event with more than 100 news articles published and succesfully reached 180 million audiences. Our work with Johnson and Johnson in several occasions have always been important to us, as they are projects that resonate virtue much more valuable than mere numbers; they help ease the unnecessary burden that we, the society at large, sometime bequeath upon people who are already experiencing life as hard as it gets already.