“Transitioning Innovation”

The Challenge 

Kartuku was established in 2001 started as provider of electronic payment device such as electronic draft capture or EDC. In 2006 the company maneuvered to transform into a leading third party payment solution in the financial market, and today is considered as the market leader. At that time the technology that Kartuku occupied was a novelty in Indonesia. In short, Kartuku proposed the so-called “Unified Payment” platform; a robust end-to-end payment infrastructure providing payment solutions of secure, reliable, and efficient processing of electronic transactions.

In regards to this transition, Kartuku needed an immediate robust assistance to rebrand its corporate image. Even though Kartuku saw there were yet competitors within the context of payment service providers, it did not mean that Kartuku faces no hindrance. Since the system was new and unfamiliar in Indonesia market particularly, its function and complexity of the process rendered merchants from start using the technology.

Our Approach

It had been a while since Kartuku became the pioneer in cashless payment platform, which was why in lieu of the impending need for rebranding; the company called for support from ID COMM during the transition phase. We were accountable for creating integrated programs of spokesperson capacity building, message development, building rapport with major publications, launching special programs for stakeholders, conducting press workshop, and so on. The first year of ID COMM delegation, Kartuku aimed for the establishment of corporate brand which required ID COMM to create mutual understanding and support from stakeholders as well as to raise public awareness on Kartuku vision, mission, products and services. The approaches that ID COMM took was mainly done through media engagement since having rapport with the media was always one of key priorities of the company.

Kartuku is part of the financial technology wave, currently a relatively young and inexperienced industry. While the innovation puts Kartuku at an advantage as early adopters, inclusion of potential users and customer-base is always a challenge in a new niche market that not many is accessing to begin with. This was the vantage point that ID COMM took; how to bring Kartuku’s seasoned experience prior to transitioning into the new market.

The Result

Through intensive assistance of ID COMM, Kartuku evolved from very minimum media exposures to successfully generate as many as 58 news coverage from different media outlets between October-December 2014. Of which 13 articles classified as top story capturing 100% of three agreed company’s messages that include quotes from Kartuku management and/ or third party. During this term, ID COMM assisted Kartuku to book IDR 4.1 billion of PR values and reached around 360 million impressions.

Meanwhile in the ensuing term between January-August 2015, Kartuku managed to garner media attention by gaining 47 news coverage, IDR 5.8 billion PR values and 143 million media impression. The total number of news coverage and top stories from both terms are exceeding the initial target. The coverage not only contained the good weight and quality of the information but also indicated the encouraging number of ROI.

At last, Kartuku is now seen as a fresh air in the field of payment solution business with an appealing young professional team in its management in which the knowledge and the information about Kartuku are all newsworthy to the press. These all are then followed by positive response from media which is molded in the form of media database.