15th Otobursa Tumplek Blek

“Revving up an Old Engine”

The Challenge

Have you wondered why people choose specific type of car, truck, minivan, or SUV that they drive? It’s all because they buy what fits their preferences. Automotive communities are now basically everywhere; growing like weeds and allow everyone to find their milieu that best suit their interest. Nowadays, consumers have easy access to satisfy the needs through the variety of activities through online platforms, causing people to prefer using the internet than more traditional avenues. In order to compete with behemoth that is the internet, community activities must be at least on par with what online platforms might be offering.

Beginning in 1992, Tabloid Otomotif as a part of Kompas Gramedia Group initiated the all-in-one automotive event which later became the biggest automotive event in South East Asia. The OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek has been held regularly for more than 15 years; imposing a set of challenges on its own to OTOBURSA as the organizer to provide diversity and variety in terms of programs and products or even revolutionary concept that has never been featured in any automotive events ever before. This is the the bulk of expectations that ID COMM was asked to assist with.

Both The 15th and the 16th OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek were conducted in May 2014 and 2015 respectively. It is without no reasons as May is very special month for Tabloid Otomotif as it coincides with their anniversary. The event would ensure that the visitor will experience a different nuance every year like the 2014 OTOBURSA with “Tanpa Batas” theme and the 2015 carrying “Autocreative City” as the theme of the event.

Our Approach

With years of experience in organizing event, OTOBURSA expects to be a bona fide forefront within the automotive ecosystems which includes retailers, suppliers, media, and potential buyers. The 2-day event was expected to generate positive media coverage and indirectly drive sales higher compared to previous years.

 At ID COMM, we saw the OTOBURSA case as a proving ground. We were responsible to maintain OTOBURSA’s successive éclat as the largest commanding automotive event in SEA region and continue to be included in the “Enjoy Jakarta” tourism campaign. Additionally, ID COMM was obliged to engage with third parties that have expertise to support the objective and the value of the event. In the previous events the media was like a knife that was never sharpened, so ID COMM ascertained media engagement by optimizing the fullest potential of mass media publication and social media influence to reach a wider scale of public attention starting from pre-event, during and post-event.

ID COMM realized that an event of this scale needs a fair bit of contextualization, which is why we assisted in the development of an integrated communication strategy which became the central feeding hub of information for media, as well as produce supplementary communication collaterals to help ensure that information was spread out equally and maintain a certain frequency. We also ensured that augmentation with social media was effectively utilized; through teasers, online quizzes, and live reports which heightened the interactive value of social media as this was unprecedented for the event.

The Result

In 2014, the event was able to attract approximately 78,440 people to enjoy the various number of programs and attractions being offered. OtoBursa wasn’t only set for automotive enthusiast only, as families can also feel the excitement of the entertainment, from culinary offerings to all kinds of attractions provided. The large number of visitors apparently was commensurate with the total sales transactions reaching up to IDR 29 billion. The 15th OtoBursa Tumplek Blek managed to collaborate with 10 media partners.

Comparing to previous commission, the 16th OtoBursa in 2015 passed last year’s achievement in several categories; journalists attendees, number of impression, PR value, media coverage, and social media followers. In all of these variables, only one did not see a significant increase in statistics which is an achievement of its own.