Johnson & Johnson Indonesia - World Psoriasis Day 2016

“Straightening Out a Twisty Stigma”

The Challenge

What do you do when you have red flaky patches on your arms and legs but have to go to work or out in public? How do you feel when you get stared at or asked blunt questions and at the receiving end of rude insensitive comments because people are afraid that it’s contagious? There are at least 125 million people with psoriasis around the world that are highly stigmatized and misperceived. Coinciding with World Psoriasis Day on October 29, Johnson and Johnson Indonesia urged to raise the awareness and understandings towards the disease.

The baffling and crushing long term battle with the disease already suppresses the sufferer, and thus the stigma that haunts people living with psoriasis inevitably adds emotional stress to physical discomfort. Stigma is a difficult challenge to reverse; there is no easy shortcut to single handedly change them. But there is always something we can do. One remedy is to educate people about the disease which was mistakenly understood. Another way is to encourage people with psoriasis to seek medical support to improve their quality of life. These basically what Johnson and Johnson Indonesia was striving for, and thus was the challenge for ID COMM to ensure that this critical message was transmitted to the targeted audience and the wider public.

Our approach

ID COMM took part in helping the cause by supporting the seminar “Get to Know More about Psoriasis” specifically in the area of media handling the event. Media undoubtedly became a key player to spread the whole purpose this seminar was held: to spread the information towards psoriasis, to raise awareness, and to recommend correct treatment for the patients. Ensuring that not only messages we sent out but also that the message is correct became what we thrive to produce for the event. ID COMM was accountable to gather the public specifically the patients and the families, mass media, Related Medical Professional Association (PERDOSKI), and Related Community (KSPI).

The Result

ID COMM managed to get the seminar exposed to varied number of media gaining more than 90 news articles of which conveyed positive tones. Other than that, ID COMM assisted to generate PR value with estimation of IDR 7 billion and reached more than 200 million impressions. Beyond the numbers, this project was important to ID COMM as it was a platform for us to participate and assist those who are already physically drained be protected from social and psychological burden.