Johnson & Johnson Indonesia - Public Awareness Campaign on Tuberculosis

“Using Education to Gun Down Tuberculosis”
(TB Education in Public Transportation)

The Challenge

Indonesia is ranked as having the second highest TB Burden in the world which places Tuberculosis as the fifth largest cause of death claiming 100,000 cases in 2015. Some progresses in TB eradication were heartening, yet in order for the world to significantly combat the epidemic, the commitment needs to be upscaled. Given the World Health Assembly (WHA) in 2014, the member states including Indonesia, endorsed the adaption of the resolution of “TB End Strategy” by 2035.

Owing to the urge of compliance to the resolution, Indonesia through the Health Minister herself has announced the intensified strategy that is enshrined into the collaborative spirit to “Find and End TB” or TOSS TB. The key message of TOSS TB was to encourage every parties to protect their self, their family, and their surrounding environment from the threat of tuberculosis. The increasing knowledge and awareness towards the disease was the best possible way to prevent the incidence. People need to be informed that TB is an air-borne communicable disease which implied that the TB can easily infects from one individual to another individual through air, which include rapid infection in public transportation. This is a critical step since air pollution from outdoor sources is likely associated with the increase of morbidity and mortality from selected respiratory infection including tuberculosis.

ID COMM was expected to catalyze this initiative in reaching its full potential through tightly constructed communication design and strategy among DKI Jakarta’s related authorities.

Our Approach

Besides PR and communication supports i.e developing master communication protocol document, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) approach and engagement, media handling, and public survey preparation, ID Comm was also responsible in brokering partnerships with various stakeholders such as government officials (Ministry of Health, Jakarta City Government, Jakarta City Health Office and Jakarta City Transport Authority) and several additional relevant partners (Stop TB Partnership, Trans Jakarta and Official School Bus of Jakarta City Government).

In addition to that, ID COMM supported the TB education soft launch coinciding with the National Health Day 2016 event and organized a press conference of TB for public education and survey in public transportation.

The Result

Through effective approaches of ID COMM, TB public education in public transportation resulted in more than 100 news articles. Most of all conveyed positive tones that eventuated with PR value of IDR 5 billion and reached around 170 million impressions. ID COMM also managed to collect 360 feedback from public related to their knowledge towards TB and their preferred medium of education to know more about TB.

We felt that the benefits of ID COMM engaging in this initiative is two-fold: that we are able to exercise our specialty and expertise in ensuring that the message that came to us are sent out in the best possible way reaching as many people as possible, but most importantly that message may be a critical component that helps the fight against TB.