“Brokering People’s Future”

The Challenge

With 7.02 million unemployment in Indonesia, job search seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. Luckily unlike a decade ago, today people have great access when trying to find a job. Thanks to Internet and the number of career portals available makes job finding just a click away. Karir.com, founded in 1999, was a pioneer in Indonesia’s leading career management and job search portal. Despite facing tight competition with other career portals, Karir.com has evolved to be one of the best solution for recruiting top talents for some major employers in Indonesia. The features that Karir.com offers has been expanded to set a higher bar of competitiveness with its rivals. Therefore, Karir.com believes that increasing public awareness and visibility in regards to its features is one exact way to generate an optimum number of users. Karir.com is not your common job portal, as it provides integrated services that benefits both the supply end and the demand end of the chain. The latest feature, named “Salary Benchmark” was launched last October which amplified Karir.com’s as the market leader in job portal services. Nonetheless, the market for job portal services is a highly saturated one, competition being tight and among competitors offering almost similar services requires Karir.com to have a competitive edge, and this is where ID Comm comes in.

Our Approach

As a starting phase of ID COMM assistance, the team came up with a unique and catchy concept for the latest innovation in Karir.com to help strengthen their existence. This simultaneously helped position Karir.com as the ultimate choice for career partners that understand the market needs by showcasing its report data and series of interesting activities and winning features. In addition, ID Comm acted as media center whose responsibilities entail handling press conferences and PIC of all media interview/inquiries. 

In the digital era, media exposure is an absolute necessity. Owing to that, we equipped Karir.com with media strategy recommendations and key opinion leader (KOL) recommendations which are essential especially for newly launched product that would need media airtime. Besides, ID COMM capitalized the positive testimonies from “Salary Benchmark” users with the hope that later it will boost trial and use rate on its website.

Our strategy materialized in 4 main prongs: we held a series of press events to introduce various innovations that Karir.com have developed, then we developed communication collaterals to help Karir.com face the media and also prepare materials that are always readily available. After that, we ensured that media engagement became an important priority as well as engage Key Opinion Leaders to help drive market opinion on Karir.com.

The Result

ID COMM managed to attract 56 journalist form 50 media titles to participate in Karir.com media activities. This resulted in 69 articles from all three media events conducted along with PR value reaching more than IDR 3 billion and impression of more than 80 millions. To us at ID COMM, working with Karir.com is important as it is Indonesia’s leading job search portal. It was an enjoyable challenge for us to help Karir.com maintain its position as the industry gold standard, as we believe staying on top and showing consistency in excellence is a bigger challenge than to actually reach the top.