Johnson & Johnson Indonesia - Panggung Kampung Sehat

“PANGGUNG KAMPUNG SEHAT – Makin Mengerti Makin Peduli”

The Challenge

For over a century, Johnson & Johnson has been committed to care people around the world including Indonesia by improving  the health of individuals, families and communities. Several initiatives have been implemented to realize the commitment – one of which is through the Panggung Kampung Sehat (PANGKAS) Program, an educative-interactive format that aimed to educate and improve knowledge in regards to various health issues as well as promote the empowerment of cadres.
The program required needs good communication strategies to escalate the impact of the program and to engage strategic partners and communities.

Our approach

The collaboration was first initiated by Johnson and Johnson Indonesia and Alfamart with the help from Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. ID COMM facilitated the communication and coordination among the stakeholders.

To commemorate the partnership and to launch the program, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta represented by DKI Jakarta Health Agency, Johnson & Johnson Indonesia and Alfamart conducted an MOU signing event at Balai Kota on Saturday, 26 August 26, 2017. The event moment was covered by several targeted media organized by ID COMM.

The Result

Public has shown good respond towards Panggung Kampung Sehat (PANGKAS). The program will be held from August 2017 up to July 2018 in 12 public areas such as Ragunan Zoo, National Museum, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, selected RPTRA’s at each district areas, and 10 Rumah Albi at several Alfamart’s stores. The numbers of audiences in each area is expected to reach approximately 100 people or equivalent to more than 2.000 people from all areas.

Besides, media coverage of the launching event successfully reached almost 23 million audiences. Thus, we estimated that there was more than 10% from the total population has been educated through this platform particularly in greater Jakarta area. The continuity of the program is really recommended to be implemented at other areas.