Faculty of Medicine - Universitas Indonesia

“Universal Health Coverage in Indonesia: Concept, Progress and Challenges Paper on the Lancet”

The Challenge

Within5 years, BPJS has become the largest single payer health insurance in the world, covering more than 203 million people. It has created an adaptive and flexible scheme to accommodate Indonesia’s diverse needs and condition and has improved access to care and equity. However, BPJS still faced several challenges, including regarding its financial sustainability, health status in Indonesia and more.

To provide recommendation to the Government of Indonesia, Faculty of Medicine UniversitasIndonesia (FKUI) led a multidisciplinary team to published a high-level paper on one of the highest impact and prestigious health journals in the world, The Lancet.

Our Approach

ID COMM was appointed to help with the communication strategy from pre launch to post. To build awareness of the issue, we conducted a one-on-one interview with prominent media prior to the launching event, followed by a press conference and a post event interviews with media to get a more in-depth information about the study.

The Result

As a result, the activities managed to generate 65 articles predominantly with positive tonality.