“Supporting economy growth through SMEs digital transformation”

The Challenge

SPOTS is a Point-of-Sale (POS) system which is equipped by various features to assist the operation of any type of business, especially SMEs. The online cashier application system developed by SPOTS is built with the latest technology to provide benefits of convenience and security, as well as solutions for various obstacles faced by entrepreneurs in Indonesia, especially those engaged in culinary, food, and beverage

Our Approach

ID COMM was appointed to organize the activities by conducting a media briefing with local media in Semarang, and socialization activities through radio talk show with GajahmadaRadio (Semarang) and SuaraSurabaya Radio (Surabaya) in order to reach out wider audience. The two cities are targeted due to their potential of economy growth, including SMEs sector.

The Result

ID COMM develop positive narratives of the company and its commitment for supporting digital transformation of the local SMEs, in addition to be further acknowledged by media and larger Indonesian public. The  media briefing resulted in 14 journalist attendance, and the success of the event.