Indonesia XXL

“Helping Indonesians, One Size At A Time”

The Challenge

People say size does not matter, but it can become concerning when it grows into becoming one of the nation’s major threats in the health sector. As an emerging economy which happens to be the fourth most populous country on the planet, Indonesia faces a serious problem in public health. Riskesdas 2013 (Riset Kesehatan Dasar/General Health Research held annually and is commonly launched in the beginning of following year) revealed that there are at least 40 million people that suffers from morbid obesity and the numbers are still growing. This, of course is not a worry exclusive to Indonesia, as it is reported that 2.1 billion people or approximately 30% of global population is considered being overweight.

The existence of this pressing public health issue is as a result of economic development. As people shift from agriculture sector to manufacturing/industry, their lifestyle becomes more sedentary which requires less physical activity (or also due to widespread access to TV and internet, people favor staying indoors which involves less energy expenditure). People also drive more to consume high calories dense food in their daily dietary as it is easy and fast to grab instead of well-prepared home food. This can be said as the main drivers of people’s low awareness towards the looming threat.

Primafit Group, therefore, through PrimaFit Academy pledge to contribute to the fight of obesity by launching a documentary film titled “Indonesia XXL”. Indonesia XXL envisioned to inspire people to start committing healtier life style while also carrying a mission to introduce Primafit as an integrated all in one fitness solution. ID COMM was approached to help ensure that this important and critical message can be effectively spread to the public, as well as cement Primafit’s position as an integrated fitness solution at the forefront of battling the dangers of obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.

Our Approach

Indonesia XXL believed by bringing real stories from those who inflicted with obesity on screen will attract more people to aware of the danger of obesity and the importance of healthy diet and regular exercise. ID COMM, therefore, ensure that all communication and PR strategies pertaining to work with Indonesia XXL is to promote the initiatives and strengthen company’s position as the first who advocate the case. ID COMM realized media and community engagement is critical in this endeavor thus ID COMM ensure that the message of the film can gather public attention. The strategies ranged from liaising and collaborating with key experts, conducting press conference, developing all content and communication collaterals, also assisting in creating door-stop interview opportunities. All of this was packaged within an integrated communication strategy.

The Result

Through ID COMM committed work, within a week since the press release, PrimaFit Academy gained 31 news articles, all of which gave positive tone. These publications resulted in PR value of IDR 1,100,000,00 and reaching as many as 21,004,493 number of impression. The event alone lure in about 36 journalists from 27 media to attend. Being involved in Indonesia XXL was important for ID Comm as we share the same concern and the need to spread the word to help raise awareness against this very real threat.

PS: the film is available on Facebook and Youtube account of Indonesia XXL since August 30, 2016 (just a week after the release). It was divided into 4 episodes with 15 minutes duration of each. Watch it here: