“Stitching Fashion with Environmental Issues – A Fabric for the

The Challenge

Being fashionable and saving the planet does not need to be mutually exclusive. H&M group through its nonprofit H&M Conscious initiated the idea embodied in the form of 2015 Global Change Awards. The aim is clear; to look for bold ideas that can make a difference in fashion industry and drive positive change on our planet and community conditions.

As the initiative is such novelty within the industry, thus it is important to raise awareness towards HMCF while a t the same time to attract various stakeholders to partake in the Global Change Awards (GCA) 2015 campaign, including Indonesian fashion enthusiasts, government officials, relevant organisations, and even wider-scaled communities. 

Our Approach

D COMM’s main responsibility is to elevate the credibility of GCA 2015 by actively engaging with, including but not limited to fashion enthusiasts and media, as well as providing inputs in regards to the participation of an academic panel. ID COMM helped to host the launching event which involved medias, communities, and education institutions which acted to promote the GCA and its embedded missions. 

The Result

As the result of approaches conducted, ID COMM had assisted H&M Conscious Foundation and the Global Change Awards to gather 13 prominent media publications and appealed for the participation of 6 major communities and 3 institutions. 

What is happening to our environment is a continuously concerning situation, and yet the most important thing that many often forget is that it needs a concerted effort from everyone. We are excited to see the fashion industry becoming more interested in being involved to contribute to raise awareness and participation from the exposure it already has as an important modality, and ID COMM was honored to be part of that process.