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“Pervading Bio-Oil Into a Viscosity Market"

The awards winning received by Bio Oil was phenomenal. In a brief period, it sits at the top rank as a unique solution for niche problems of stretch marks, scars, dry skin, and uneven skin tone. It booked a fantastic sales rate and sustained close relationships with its customers, never been demonstrated by any other products in the category. ID COMM is proud to become the engineer behind the well-accepted and strong brand engagement in Indonesia.

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“siOlga (Kreasi Olahraga Bersama Keluarga) Creative and Fun Sport Amidst Social Distancing”

Following the national policy for social distancing in the pandemic time, Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia initiated siOlga Campaign (Kreasi Olahraga Bersama Keluarga/Sport Creations with Family), which addressing family members. ID COMM was appointed to crafting interactive and fun activities to attract participation in the campaign, and predominantly in SIOLGA sports competition.

Among the strategies that led the campaign to its success were the right punch used during message delivery, collaboration with sports enthusiasts, and engagement of experts in family development and child education.

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“Duilah (Duduk dan Berdiri untuk Lansia): Sport Exercise for Senior Citizens”

The Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia through Deputy III Sports Culture Division introduced a unique exercise program specially developed for the elderly people called Duilah (Sitting and Standing for the Elderly at Home) and CAC (Chair Activity Challenge). ID COMM was responsible to share important information related to keeping physical health amid limitations during the pandemic and invited target audience to participate in a competition. The campaign successfully brought fresh air, channeling latest information about the coronavirus disease, and encourage senior citizen to keep themselves active despite restrictions and risks.

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“The First Aid in Education During the Pandemic – A Digital Transformation: Blended Learning Methods in Education Service”, the first blended learning system in Indonesia, presented itself as a solution to fostering future competencies against the pandemic crisis, using the power of technology. Through its communication guideline, ID COMM paved several pathways and scenarios to guide the brand going through the dynamic and uncertain situation, as well as challenges including how to change student’s behavior from offline learning to online and blended-learning. Throughout the engagement period, ID COMM worked with various stakeholder groups in the education sector and became a reliable team to counsel on strategic communications and potential issues that might arise during the circumstances.

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