“Towards a Timeless Presence”
Rado Watches

The Challenge

Ever since its establishment in Lengnau, Switzerland in 1917, Rado was recognized for its avant-garde design and cutting edge materials in the watchmaking industry. Unfortunately, the brand’s well-known mastery was not aligned to Indonesia market’s penchant of timepieces. Rado was perceived as sporting old-fashioned collections that better suit older demography. Indonesians typically lean on what’s trending which explains Rado selection not garnering rave reviews. The lack of communication visibility might be the key reason as to why the brand did not entice people. Other than that, the constant number of visitors in the Rado store also became the brand’s major concern as it predisposed the quantity of potential buyers.

Our approach

Rado expected to establish good relationships and robust networking with retailers, potential customers and the media. This is critical as Rado plans to maintain a settled database in near future. Having these elements put together was essential, which is why Rado looked forward towards gaining more media coverage and eventually the surge of sales through ID COMM assistance.

As per 27 February 2015, Rado opened its newly revamped flagship store in Jakarta’s premier shopping mall; Senayan City. This coincided with the launch of the brand’s Diamaster Collection, and thus ID Comm was asked to help promote the event. We were also asked to assist the brand gaining traction among Indonesia’s high-level crowd as potential future buyers.  The opening of the flagship store involved celebrities likes Yovie Widianto and 5 Romeo as well as other notable VIP guests and chief editors of several prominent media.

Excited to deliver on Rado’s expectation, ID COMM began the work by hosting a soiree party for targeted audiences to acquaint the brand’s philosophy “If we can imagine it, we can make it, if we can make it, we will” as testament of the distinctive quality and prestige of the brand. The event was divided into two sessions which entailed session 1 for media and selected communities while session 2 held for high socialite guests. Beyond the work leading to the events, ID COMM commits in assisting Rado to develop an integrated strategy in lieu of communications and PR agendas.

The Result

During two months of working with Rado, ID COMM managed to gather different communities to join the first and second session of the parties that was organized. Some of the journalist are editor-in-chief and also the members from high-level society group of Kronometrofilia and mercedez Benz Club Indonesia. The publication succesfully reached more than 3.5 million audiences.

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