Asosiasi FinTech Indonesia (Indonesian FinTech Association/AFTECH)

The Challenge 

The exciting thing about innovation is that it offers new ways of doing things that revolutionizes how we look at everything; from business to everyday lives. Financial technology is at the forefront of innovation; revolutionizing a behemoth of an industry. The Financial Services industry have been in existence since the first time mankind new the concept of economy, and thus innovations that is changing the face and the machine of the industry at breakneck speed can be a dazzling sight, yet is also prone to overheating.

In many ways, the Indonesian Financial Technology Association (AFTECH – Asosiasi FinTech Indonesia) is a platform established as a retainer against the risks of the wave of innovation that FinTech is bringing. At the same time, AFTECH also works with multiple stakeholders to ensure that information regarding the services and paradigm brought by its members (Fintech companies) including the benefits of financial inclusion offered can be effectively transmitted to the public at large. Before ID COMM engaged with AFTECH, the association faced difficulties in achieving its deliverables as there is low levels of awareness upon the existence of the association and its programs. This applied to both internally (members) and externally (the public). It was also felt that the association lacked in providing capacity building initiatives for its members to ensure that any new endeavor can eloquently align with the appetite of the industry.

Our Approach

What we needed to do from the get go was quite obvious: ID COMM will assist AFTECH in improving its awareness and visibility rating and its initiatives, outreach programs will be designed in order to attract new members by showcasing the association’s successful programs and initiatives, and lastly we needed to make sure the association had enough traction to become the face of Financial Technology in Indonesia. In order to answer to this need, ID COMM ensured that information regarding the association is readily available and accessible to everyone at any time. We also empowered key people in the association that will play the role as spokespersons. We also provided insights on developing a communication and public relations strategy that was tailored to the association’s profile, and ID COMM also became the media centre for the association; assisting in media interview, inquiries, etc.

By doing that, we ensured that the communication and public relations pillars of the association was robust; developing a branding identity system, communication collaterals, host gathering events, manage social media and website, manage a weekly “Fintech Talk” column, and engage with the media.

The Result

The fruits of our labor with AFTECH is surely gaining traction, as the association until presently have had 25 opinion editorial articles pieces published in prominent national media (, the Jakarta Post,, Kontan and KompasTV). We also managed to activate the association’s social media handles as well as a website that displayed regularly updated content, and ID COMM also helped develop a 6-month working agenda to achieve heightened visibility, with it currently running in its 3rd month. ID COMM sees engagement with newly emerging industries like financial technology as an important niche as these innovations are the wave of the future, and we are excited to be at the heart of it. Currently, ID COMM still running the campaign. 

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