The House of Regional Representatives (Indonesia Senate)

"Raising the People's Voice"
Dewan Perwakilan Daerah Republik Indonesia (DPD RI)

The Challenge

The Regional Representative Council (Dewan Perwakilan Daerah/DPD) is a chamber of Indonesia’s legislative branch, and was installed as an added component to the DPR in light of the move to a more bicameral representative system. Due to the overwhelming expectation and a relatively new portfolio, the DPD lacks the trust that they would ideally have from stakeholders and counterparts. This situation was also not favored by the fact that the DPD’s internal PR and communications team were underperforming. This was the challenge that was presented to ID COMM when we were called in to assist.

Our Approach

The DPD expected from us intensive assistance to setup a robust communication strategy which outlines clear and firm directives that are aimed to improve brand awareness, visibility, heightened understanding and support from key stakeholders, constituents, and counterparts. At the same time, we were expected to help the internal PR and communication team in terms of capacity to absorb the strategy.

How we achieved this was by taking a step backwards initially just to look and stock take the current existing communication strategy that is in place and is implemented by the DPD and its internal team. It has resulted to (1) a complete set of perception audit book containing statements and standpoints from different stakeholders of the House, complemented by (2) analysis and conclusion, as well as (3) recommendations for future steps. 

We then looked at communication assets that the institution already has set up. This was the working capital that ID COMM had and later refine into something more workable and effective in delivering the strength of outreach that the DPD wants and needs.

Based on these assessments, ID COMM proposed; (4) a reformation upon the current Data and Information Center (Pusat Data dan Informasi / PUSDATIN) organizational structure, (5) the management of whole-day brainstorm session to explore and agreed on organization’s messages, topics of priority and desirable creative approaches, (6) a capacity building program in communication, public relations practice, and creative thinking, and (7) the development of a complete set of annual communication and public relations strategy, and proposed action plans towards a better institution branding.

The Result

During our work with the DPD, we managed to produce several outputs that helped refine the way DPD shows itself to the public and to its constituents. The strategy would allow the institution to use this information as part of a knowledge-based decision making in the future in regards to the way the DPD brands itself. We believe our work with the institution, as this is the council that functions to ensure that people’s voices are listened to. Helping them speak is to help Indonesia speak.

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