“Injecting Bio-Oil into a High Viscosity Market"

The Challenge

The South African skincare brand, Bio-Oil, was first introduced into Indonesian market in October 2014 which targeted the adult female and young mothers’ demography. Bio-Oil faced specific challenges in penetrating social media platforms in Indonesia as it previously prioritized printed media form rather than online and radio which, as a matter of fact, is likely to be more updated and has a wider audience reach. Another growing issue for Bio-Oil was to maintain the momentum transitioning from a novelty product to sustaining attractiveness for consumers and beyond that. In addition, the market is already saturated with similar or even doppelganger products but has more diversity and is more competitive in pricing. 

Our Approach

ID COMM had been appointed to assist the establishment of relationship and networking between Bio-Oil as client with retailers, media, bloggers, and potential consumers. We started our work with Bio-Oil by formulating strategies including brand equity and reputation building, attracting consumers by expanding the scale and type of consumer groups while trying to maintain loyalty to current consumers.

In light of those strategies, ID COMM conducted an array of PR activities which comprised of consumers’ event, roadshows, media and blogger partnerships, media and bloggers gathering, launching events (Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya), instagram and writing competition and also hampers distribution as appreciasion to consumer or to inspiring women. Those are meant to cement Bio-Oil’s presence in the digital social media realm, which is a critical upgrade to ensure their positioning within the targeted market. We went beyond by assisting Bio-Oil in developing the way the brand communicates itself through key messages, talking points, etc.

The Result

As the result, Bio-Oil through ID COMM has established a solid relationship with beauty, lifestyle and parenting bloggers and journalists. In Indonesia, Bio-Oil had clinched in different categories; Best Face Oil from Best of Beauty Awards Female Daily (2015 & 2016), Best Body Oil Best of Beauty Awards Female Daily (2015 & 2016), Best Skin Care Treatment for Stretchmark and Scars Cosmopolitan Reader’s Choice Awards (2015), Best Body Oil Best of Beauty Awards Female Daily (2017), Gold Award for Stretch-Mark Product from Mother and Baby Awards (2017). 

Since its official launch in Indonesia 1.5 years back, ID COMM and Bio-Oil have presented different campaign themes; “Hello Happy Skin”, “Happy Skin, Happier Life”, “Love Your Skin, Love Your Life”, “Healthy Skin, Inspires You” and “Bio Oil for Your Healthy Skin Habits” and remains committed to ensure that Bio-Oil remains the market leader in scars and stretchmark healing products that are recommended by experts.

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