Indonesia Mengajar

“Helping People Who Are Helping the Future”

The Challenge

One of the key philosophies endorsed by Indonesia Mengajar is inclusivity. The movement attracts Indonesians to be the solution to the problem faced also by Indonesians: education. Indonesia Mengajar is a portal that allocates youth to become teaching workforce in some of the country’s most remote areas, and creates impact by encouraging people to participate in the mission to educate the country.

To commemorate 5 years of its operations, it was important for ID Comm to ensure that the ideals held by Indonesia Mengajar transcends effectively to the public. The challenge, primarily, was to construct a discourse to the public in order to discuss the challenges of education and how Indonesia Mengajar played a role in tackling the present challenges. In doing this, highlighting the challenges and solutions was important to present best practices created. Equally essential is to inform the public of how Indonesia Mengajar operates, as it is not actually funded by the government, yet, is crowdfunded and supported by private sectors.

Having the message of its mission relayed to the public is certainly important to garner even more support for the organization’s mission.

Our approach

When working with ID Comm, Indonesia Mengajar expected increased awareness towards Indonesia Mengajar and the best practices it employs are effectively transmitted to the public. This is aimed to help shape trust and galvanize participation for better education in Indonesia. With better awareness also comes an opportunity to grow its crowdfunding measures, and this will be allocated to further create extended impacts.

The way we achieved this at ID Comm was arranging media briefing session to provide opportunity for the media to understand more about Indonesia Mengajar activities. The event would ensure eloquent discussion between Indonesia Mengajar and activities. Certain preparation to the event were conducted in order to understand how Indonesia Mengajar does its line of business, such as developing communication collaterals (briefing documents, key talking points, and such) as well as media kits to better help the organization equip themselves when communicating with external parties.

The Result

We were happy with the turnout of media partnerships and the briefing session that we helped organize. 12 journalists representing 12 media outlets came to the event and gained a better understanding on how Indonesia Mengajar works which in turn helps the public understand more. This was clearly indicated from the articles produced as a result of the briefing session with impressions reaching approximately 25 million of readers. We were excited at the opportunity of working with Indonesia Mengajar as they represented a bridge of hope to Indonesia’s future. Access is the main issue that education in the country face; and here is an organization that aims to help the issue of access and inclusivity by working outside of the system using support coming from people who cares. And this is what they need: more support from more people so that they, too, can support even more learning.

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