Standard Chartered Bank

“Promoting The Vision to be The Best International Bank in The Country”

The Challenge

Standard Chartered Bankis one of the oldest banks in Indonesia with 150 years history, datedback to 1863. Globally, it has more than 75,000 people from more than 115 nationalities are employed in more than 70 countries. To date, Indonesia is the sixth largest contributor for Standard Chartered Bank worldwide.

The Bank severs to four client segments: Corporate & Institutional Banking; Commercial Banking; and Retail Banking. While its products are ranging from wealth management, transaction banking, financial market, priority banking, credit card, and personal loan.

Standard Chartered Bank aims to strengthen its position as the best international bank in Indonesia and therefore engaged ID COMM to support its communication plan.

Having the first Indonesian CEO in September 2016, Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia is going all out in aspiring  and commiting to be Indonesia’s best international bank. The commitment is shown by supporting government program for more positive economic outlook, creating innovatve products and services that fit for Indonesian people with the highest standard, and maintaining long standing relationship with business community and society based on mutual respect.

Our Approach

IDCOMM is appointed a strategic media relations partner to help communicating and strengthening the positioning the Bank as the Indonesia’s Best International Bank, as well as to establish and maintain good relationship with stakeholders; e.g. government, communities, and employees. This is done by identification of channels & development of positive narratives and help liaise potential strategic partners to achieve the Bank’s communication objective.

The Result

Throughout the two-years partnership, SCB succeeded to generate nearly 350 articles with positive tonality.

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