Heavenly Blush

“Greek Secret”

The Challenge

In 2008, Heavenly Blush was established as a company that produces yogurt-based food and beverages rich in nutrition, with great health benefits. With the motto, “Wellness Yogurt Specialist”, Heavenly Blush is committed to educate the Indonesian people on the importance of yogurt as a wellness consumer good. In 2018, Heavenly Blush launched Heavenly Blush Greek Classic Yogurt to complete their yogurt variants. Heavenly Blush held an online competition on social media platforms with the price of a trip to Santorini, Greece for 31 selected winners. This competition commenced from 22 February to 31 May 2018.

Our Approach

ID COMM was appointed to assist Heavenly Blush Classic Greek Yogurt promotion through comprehensive strategy and implementations. We created the campaign of  #HeavenlyBlushGreekSecretlaunched on February 22nd, 2018 and ended by October 2018. This campaign divided into two phases with two specific objectives. The first phase objective was to create the Heavenly Blush Greek Classic Yogurt awareness and the second phase aimed to counterbalance the competitor. We combined offline and online communication strategy through media relation and  social media exposure.

ID COMM’s scope of works covers several activities of the campaign, such as launching event inviting journalists and bloggers, flash mob, radio partnership on radio attack program, media and blogger writing competition, also social media exposure by Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Influencers and Buzzer engagement. 

The Result

ID COMM was successfully bringing bloggers and journalists in both launching event and flash mob activation. 20 bloggers and 50 journalists ,which 80% of them came from the targeted media, attended to #HeavenlyBlushGreekSecret launching event; on the other hand  26 journalists from 19 media titles attended to the flash mob event. We also successfully engaged and created good collaboration with 7 radio partners in Jakarta for the activation of Radio Attack Program. We gained 72,083,642 Impression from the total of 108 media coverages of all activities, 20 blogger coverages of the launching event and 97 participants of blogger writing competition.

From the social media campaign, ID COMM successfully engaged Jennifer Bachdimas KOL, 30 macro influencers, 44 micro influencers and 19 buzzers. This engagement reached more than 6.6 million people and gained almost 10 million impression with the total of 229.911 Instagram engagement.

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