Derma Angel

“Good Bye Acne: Be Beautiful and Confident with Derma Angel”

The Challenge

Derma Angel – invisible acne patch that has become the No.1 selling brand in China and followed by Thailand, hosted its first official launch event with riding his first campaign "Good Bye Acne: Be Beautiful and Confident with Derma Angel “

Manufactured by BenQMaterial and distributed by PT. Natural Nutrindo, Derma Angel is answering Indonesian people’s need to overcome acne problems by providing a complete solution treatment “Heal & Hide”  

Since the ‘patch’ not familiar as acne treatment, ID COMM need to educating the target audience the benefits of acne patch as solution and protection to acne problems.

Our Approach

The preliminary event was intended to establish good relationship with media and instaceleb/bloggers where ID COMM developed integrated communication strategy and engagement for media and instacelebs/bloggers to communicate the brand’s message to the Indonesian market.

The Result

The event gathered 24 journalists fro 22 media titles from beauty and lifestyle publications and 16 top beauty bloggers/instagramcelebrities.

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