ACDP (Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership)

The Challenge

Evidence-based policy making has been reinforced more than ever in the administration of the Indonesian government. It requires readiness and commitment to exercise public policy more
rigorously, and utilize research and study more effectively. Education Sector Analytical Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) is a joint program between the MoEC, the then MoRTHE,
MoRA and BAPPENAS, supported by the EU, DFAT of the Australian Government, and managed by ADB, which worked intensively to meet the above purposes. The 5-year partnership
aimed to promote knowledge-based policy making within the education sector.

Our Approach

ID COMM promoted the aspirational idea by increasing stakeholders’ awareness towards the partnership’s project, played around research communication to fostering data adoption,
conducted strategic initiatives at both national and regional level to inform better policy making, and support project’s knowledge management to ensure the sustainability of ACDP

The Result

ID COMM team built a strong reputation of the Project; promoted key topics across 58 studies conducted between 2011-2017; established a common platform for regular stakeholders
meeting; made available and effective use of communication and branding materials; benefitted from an enhanced network of stakeholders; built discourse and create pressure; and came
successfully as knowledge management support to key government agenda.

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