“Pervading Bio-Oil Into a Viscosity Market"

The Challenge
Bio-Oil, a global skincare brand, needed support to penetrate the Indonesian market in its early days. Currently, after six years on the market, Bio Oil is transitioning from a novelty product to sustaining brand values and presenting benefits beyond its key consumer groups, and continues lead in the category.

Our Approach
Over the past six years, ID COMM has been adapting strategies to shape and increase Bio Oil brand reputation, brand loyalty, and brand equity. One of the ways is by establishing Bio Oil relationships and a network of retailers, influencers, media, bloggers, and potential customers. ID COMM conducted an array of PR activities which comprised of customers’ event and direct experience, marketing roadshows, media partnerships, launch events, influencers engagement, media, and bloggers gathering, writing competition, and product samplings.

The Result
Through ID COMM’s role as a communication strategist, Bio Oil has established a stable relationship with beauty and lifestyle influencers, bloggers, journalists, and secured a strong position in front of its customers. Bio-Oil has won a dozen of prestigious media awards from best body oil to best skincare treatment for scars and stretchmarks category. Through “Bio-Oil, Your Healthy Skin Habit” campaign, Bio-Oil and ID COMM go beyond to remain Bio-Oil as the market leader, recommended by experts.

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