Kemenpora - siOlga

“siOlga (Kreasi Olahraga Bersama Keluarga) Creative and Fun Sport Amidst Social Distancing”

The Challenge 
Soon after the coronavirus outbreak, Indonesia and countries around the world posed social distancing policies and reduce activities outside the house, to mitigate the spread of the pandemic. Instead, every individual is encouraged to work, study and worship at home. Besides the elderly, children become the second group vulnerable to this disease. City lockdowns and school closures are affecting their education, mental health, and access to basic health services. Aside from that, with limited physical activities and space at home, family members are getting wearied. The Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs, through Deputy III Sports Culture Division, initiated siOlga Campaign (Kreasi Olahraga Bersama Keluarga/Sport Creations with Family), which addressing children and parents. siOlga was designed to tie stronger bond between family members, to keep their physical and mental wellbeing, and to occupy the time of self-restrain with positive quality of activities.

The Approaches
ID COMM was appointed to spread message on the importance of maintaining body immunity by moving and exercising, especially to families with children between the aged 2-7 years old through educational content. Messages were packaged creatively through comic series that reflect the daily life during the pandemic, webinar sessions involving experts in early child education, and community programs. The ID COMM-led campaign also presented an exciting competition for individual sport activists and family-oriented persons, which lasts for one month. One of the successful strategies in attracting children, who are the main target of the campaign, is through the creation of SIOLGA unicorn figure as the campaign mascot.

The Result
By designing an effective communication strategy, consistently addressing the key messages, and gaining support from stakeholders, the campaign succeeded in attracting target audiences. This can be seen through the number of participations in the competition and high rate of interaction in every content uploaded.

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