“The First Aid in Education During the Pandemic – A Digital Transformation: Blended Learning Methods in Education Service”

The Challenge

of the pandemic, digital transformation has reached the pace in a speed never seen before. It has created the largest disruption in education systems around the world, including in Indonesia. Digital technology has helped the change of learning methods from face-to-face (offline) into online. Presented in 2019, is a platform that facilitates blended learning system (online and offline) with a variety of programs ready for various levels of students’ education, for youths outside of school, as well as for teachers and parents to fostering future competencies. must come forward and lend its support to the Government’s priorities by enabling online teaching and learning at home. presents innovative approach, combining curriculum excellence, the technological potentials, and its relevance to competencies required in future career and professional life.

Our Approach

ID COMM focused in affirming’s commitment to encourage the development of the education quality in Indonesia that can be enjoyed and easily accessed by all Indonesian children. ID COMM designed and implementing communication strategy which covered the development of a complete brand communication guideline, issues monitoring, provision of regular updates, the production of media collaterals and a continuous tapping on media opportunities. Throughout the engagement period, ID COMM worked with various stakeholder groups in the education sector.

The Result

ID COMM became a reliable team to counsel on strategic communications and potential issues that might arise during the pandemic crisis. Through its communication guideline, ID COMM paved several pathways and scenarios to guide the brand going through the dynamic and uncertain situation, as well as challenges including how to change student’s behavior from offline learning to online and blended-learning. Throughout the engagement period, ID COMM managed to book well-thought articles in leading publications namely Kompas, Kontan and Daily Social - through story pitch, interview sessions, testimonies from users, and many more.

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