Calvin Klein

“Going Outside the Comfort Zone”

The Challenge

The US fashion house Calvin Klein and Swatch Group agreed to merge their incredible talent into a striking contemporary type of accessory watch since 1997. Later in 2004 CK Watch + Jewelry Co.Ltd, the joint business between Calvin Klein and Swatch Group stepped up their game by launching a jewelry line. Whilst in Indonesia, the brand itself is foremost known as a fashion apparel instead. Therefore, Calvin Klein and Swatch Group held an exclusive preview of their entire new collection of watches and jewelry in Jakarta on May 13th, 2015 for Indonesian market. The challenge for the company was not limited to the fact that it’s more famous for its clothing retail, but also to compete with so many preceding fashion watch brands out there which frequently shelled out more promotions.

Our approach

In regards to the limited knowledge of Calvin Klein watches and jewelry, ID Comm initiated an event for media and influencers gathering which gave them a full access to the 2015 collection. The event was designed to showcase the intricate Swiss-made aesthetic offered by the newly revamp Calvin Klein and also to inform CK commitment for Indonesia market through a dedicated Representative Office.

Beyond that, ID Comm helped out by mapping potential communication avenues that will help improve the product’s market presence. Following that was a series of assistance to ensure that the brand had the proper communication tool that helps put exposure to their product. 

In addition to engaging with mainstream media, we also collaborated with bloggers to capture an upcoming segment of alternative media which in recent years have grown quite a cult following.

The Result

Success was immediate. ID Comm managed to attract 28 journalists from 25 different media title and they were some serious name in lifestyle and fashion industry of which 50% attendees was editor in chief. Moreover, we managed to get 9 bloggers to participate and became a social media PR in voicing up the excitement of exclusive preview.

Yet more importantly, CK team was satisfied with the assistance of ID Comm in this initial collaboration. ID Comm showed never ending supports towards CK and Swatch Management team from the very first phase of the event including providing insight, conscientiously selecting bloggers and maintaining updates up to two months later for more comprehensive report.

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